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A journey to reconnect ...

If you’ve felt called to reconnect with your GOD-GIVEN creativity and are looking for a way to reduce stress and bring refreshment to your daily life, this guide is for you!



I'd love to share a little bit more about our new community, Lemonade Creative Hearts, and welcome you to join when we open the doors.


Bible Journaling for Beginners Quick Start Guide

The Bible Journaling for Beginners Quick Start Guide will:

  • Help you connect to your why, the reason you feel called to start the Bible Journaling.
  • Walk you through the supplies you’ll need to get started in your practice.
  • Provide a step-by-step tutorial to begin using lettering practices in Bible Journaling.
  • Quick tips on how to be consistent in daily Bible Journaling practice.

get startedwith your Bible Journaling Guide today!


Build a More Profound Connection to Your Faith through Devoted Monthly Creativity!

A monthly practice of renewing your mind and focusing on TRUTH, even when life gives you lemons.

Daily stressors are all around us. Difficult relationships, health crises, financial struggles. These daily woes and worry-makers can wear on our hearts and leave us with a sour taste in our mouths.

Though often embarrassed to admit it, sometimes it can be hard for Christians to stay in touch with God. It's not always easy to find the time to nurture our relationship with God or invest in our own soul care, which can leave us feeling depleted and spiritually dehydrated.

Through the wisdom of God’s Word, we are given the tools to navigate the darkest of storms — a spoonful of sugar for life’s most sour lemons.

Time spent in His Word can bring refreshment to a parched soul and renew our minds to see our circumstances through the filter of Truth.

If you’ve been feeling called to reconnect with faith through the power of creativity, you’re invited to find monthly inspiration and tools to refuel and refresh with …

Lemonade Creative Hearts

This monthly membership provides a fun, welcoming community for Christian women working to uncover their
GOD-GIVEN creative gifts to grow closer to HIM through scripture study, bible journaling,
and the art of hand-lettering.

Does this sound like you?

This membership is perfect for Christian women: 

Who want to rediscover or deepen their understanding of Scripture

Who seek stress relief and a rejuvenated spirit using the power of HIS word and creative practice

Who desire a consistent connection to their faith and a fun way to remember and apply Bible verses to their daily lives

Who crave a creative outlet and have an interest in using color and lettering to further explore their journey in faith (Even if you're a complete lettering beginner!)

Lemonade Creative Hearts is currently open for a special founding member price only until Sunday, August 29.


Monthly Membership

Hi, I'm Pam!

I’m the owner and artist behind From the Heart Art. I am blessed with a business that allows me to put my faith and creativity into practice on a daily basis. Through my art and memberships, I help busy Christian women strengthen their faith and reduce stress by unlocking their own GOD-GIVEN creativity to connect with PRAYER, WORSHIP, and THE WORD.

Lemonade Creative Hearts is my latest adventure in building a strong community of women actively learning everyday in their faith’s journey. This membership is an extension of our Monthly Lemonade Reminders subscription, providing an opportunity to dive deeper into each theme and scripture in a connected, engaging way.

I sit at my old farm table in the mornings as the light filters in through the blinds. It's one of my favorite places to be. I cannot tell you that I do this beloved practice every day, but I can say, the time is well spent when I letter verses of scripture, writing them on my heart and renewing my mind for the day ahead.

I would love to have you join me! It would be a joy to share the refreshment I have found in taking verses of scripture and lettering them in my scripture journal. Grab you Bible, a notebook or journal and join me!


Each month members of Lemonade Creative Hearts will explore ...

Monthly Focus Verses

Using color theory and lettering techniques we will explore a new verse each month to deeply develop our understanding of THE WORD. I will help you turn each verse into prayers to be prayed back to God. This is such a refreshing and energizing way to enrich your prayer and worship time!

Devotional Accountability

Get a helping hand to carve out time for creativity and worship! Our community will help you find a renewed commitment to the calming effects of creativity on your brain and body. Together we will write The Word on our hearts!

Scripture Journaling

I will be teaching you how to use lettering techniques to enhance your writing and memorize verses through scripture journaling. Consistency in practice will better help you to commit Truth to action and apply these wisdoms to your life.

Creative Activities

Each month’s projects work to nurture and grow your creativity while feeding and uplifting your spirit. Our monthly projects can be used in your scripture journal and your personal time of prayer and worship.

Plus! You can also use the lettering techniques taught each month to decorate your home or create custom
faith-focused gifts for your family and friends. The possibilities are endless!


Monthly Membership Schedule

Online Class 

The first Monday a monthly class will be posted in the members area with an email reminder sent out when it is live. During this class, I will cover different techniques and scripture verses according to each month's theme. Each class will be available any time you would like to access it for convenient viewing.

Monthly Workbook

Each monthly class module will also provide you with a workbook and supplies list to walk you step-by-step through the lesson that is covered. 

Member Question Feedback

In the second week of the month, you'll be reminded to send in any questions or feedback on the lesson. We will follow up with a pre-recorded video answering those questions, additional class resources, and any additional tips and guidance the following week.

Community Connection

 Members will have access to a private Facebook group to share their work, connect with other members, and continue the conversations between classes!

Ready to become a founding member?

If you’ve always loved the look of hand-lettering but not felt sure where to start. Or you’ve been feeling stressed and disconnected from your faith’s journey, don’t miss your opportunity to put your FAITH FRONT AND CENTER using your GOD-GIVEN CREATIVITY.

The membership is only open until Sunday, August 29 and we would be thrilled to have you join us!



Yes! Lemonade Creative Hearts is meant to be a fun way to connect with your creativity at any level (from beginner to expert) through the practice of lettering. We are working to make a welcoming, judgement-free community, so if you feel called to use lettering in your worship and practice, this membership is for you!