Why I Made the Art for this "Lemonade Reminders" Monthly Christian Subscription Box

Why I Made the Art for this "Lemonade Reminders" Monthly Christian Subscription Box

The Story Behind the Designs - February 2022

“May The Lord of Peace Himself continually grant you peace in every circumstance. The Lord be with you all… The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.” 2 Thessalonians 3:16

What a precious prayer to pray over your life and over each of your family members, your friends, your church, your co-workers… basically, anyone and everyone you come in contact with. I would be thrilled to have this prayed over my life. It’s a prayer appropriate for every season of life… especially the stormy ones.    

There is so much to say about this verse! It’s the closing Paul used in his letter to the suffering Thessalonians. These words are not limited to New Testament times, they are applicable today, in each circumstance we find ourselves in.  

Peace Magnolia

The Christian is not dependent on anything or anyone of this world to give her peace.  Peace is NOT the absence of problems, but is a heart kept calm and steady by being  anchored to the source of peace.  Her heart is not dependent on circumstances to supply its peace. 

We can break this verse down and see characteristics of God that are helpful for us to remember during uncertain times.   

We can anchor our hearts and minds to:
God is THE Lord of Peace. 
God is THE Giver of Peace.
God is WITH you IN every circumstance.
God is THE Giver of Grace… His unmerited favor, measured out at the exact time you need it.
God uses PEACE as a tool to guide His children.


*Anchoring my heart, my mind, my hopes, my ambitions, my expectations to The Lord Of Peace results in PEACE being granted to me. 


*Lack of PEACE is often an indicator that something in my life has come unanchored from The Lord Of Peace, hence stopping the flow of His peace in my life. Sometimes it lingers a few minutes before I recognize the warning signs, and other times I will go days before it gets my attention. It reminds me of a thermometer. It’s a handy tool to confirm a fever, an indication that there is something going on within the body. The Lord often uses lack of peace as a tool to indicate something is out of balance, out of sorts, out of alignment with His will or His instructions. 

Each month we design an Encouragement Kit full of beautiful reminders of Truth from His Word.  We hope it will be a fresh Refill of Hope and Encouragement for our monthly subscribers! Since February is the month of Valentines’ Day, we wanted to include plenty of the small items so they could share encouragement with even more of the people in their life. I think of these little reminders as seeds of Truth! And see the people sharing them as a “sower of seeds” as  they pass them out to the people along their path. They are the perfect size to tuck them in birthday cards, in the envelope with your bill payments, pass them to your hairdresser, bank teller, cashier, in the waiting room of your doctor’s office…


Lemonade Reminders

Do you enjoy encouraging other people? Do you find joy in pointing people to God’s Word?

Do you like to surround yourself with scripture verses? I hope you will give our Encouragement Kits a try! Each month we send a Fresh Refill of beautiful Encouragement. Encouragement for you AND seeds of Truth to share with others.


Enroll by February 2nd to receive the Early Bird Goodies just in time for Valentine’s Day! Join the fun by clicking here https://fromtheheartart.com/pages/lemonade-reminders!


Lemonade Reminders


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