Using Artwork to Tell a Story

Using Artwork to Tell a Story
What if you started looking at items you have around your house in a creative way? You might start seeing containers, papers, and other things that are typically discarded and think of what you could create with it. Mixed media is one of my favorite techniques because it takes something someone might throw away and gives it a new life with a little creativity and some art supplies! canvas with hymn over it and mixed media around it

How to Tell a Story with Simple Media

You can use simple things like an old book, scrap paper, old patterns, maps, buttons, embellishments, and so many other craft things to tell a story in your art work. The best part is that whether the people admiring the art are aware or not, the story your heart knows about your piece is a beautiful one. I have been painting and creating for over 30 years and I love to recreate art in this way. 

I’m Not Creative Enough! 

So many people want to decorate their home with something beautiful but they have no clue where to start. They don’t know how to use their creativity or need a little help uncovering it. Did you know I have a Mixed Media Painting of the Month Club that will help guide you in using your own God-given creativity to make beautiful artwork? 

Can the Mixed Media Painting of the Month Membership Really Help Me? 

Mixed Media is my favorite creative technique! In this membership I will share how to use layers and color along with your God-given creativity to create beautiful art with objects that you can find around your house or at your local thrift store. Once you get started you will see how my Mixed Media of the Month Club helps strengthen and feed your creativity. I love the Mixed Media Painting of the Month club for people wanting to explore their creativity or exercise their creative senses. 

Pam holding a project made in the mixed media workshop

Join the Mixed Media Monthly Membership!

If you’re ready to tell a story with your artwork and uncover your God-given creativity then I’d love for you to join me in the Mixed Media Painting of the Month Club! I can’t wait to show you how to take simple things and use them in your artwork to tell your story. You ARE creative, and I will help you uncover that creativity and show you how to use it! I can’t wait for you to join me in this journey through my Mixed Media Membership

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