BEHIND THE SCENES: What's Inside May's "Lemonade Reminders" Christian Subscription Box for Women (+ Why I Chose It)

The Story Behind May's Design: “Cast your Cares on Him”

I have fond memories of the Gulf Coast. The ocean is actually one of my favorite places to visit. God has used the Gulf of Mexico to teach me many valuable spiritual lessons about life.

I remember being in Mississippi watching my brother in law take a very large net that was attached to a rope and throw it into the ocean. There were small weights attached all the way around the perimeter of the large circle shaped net. After the net hit the water it sank.

My brother in law waited a moment and then used the rope to slowly begin pulling the net back up out of the water. As he pulled, the once flat net transformed into a bag shape and to his delight, there were shrimp & fish flopping around in the net. He looked at me with a big grin and handed me the net...

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STORY BEHIND THE ART: Why I Created Our "Lemonade Reminders" Christian Subscription Box for Women

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What is "Lemonade Reminders"?

I’ve developed an Encouragement Tool Kit with supplies/tools to help the Box recipient BE encouraged and Share encouragement with Words Worth Remembering. I believe it is from our overflow that we are able to encourage others.
I have spent many years working with women in church ministry setting and know that most carry a heavy load of responsibilities that can be very draining. Those women have a special place in my heart... so I thought sending a monthly "refill" of encouraging reminders would be an encouragement to them and help keep the encouragement flowing!
The Reminders are in the form of a shirt or shareable gift items with a specific theme each month. Each Theme will be based on a Bible Verse or old hymn chosen to bring encouragement and hope.

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