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Join me for this 3 day workshop as I guide you in creating your own Hymnal Cross.  March 20, 21, & 22!

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Why should I join this workshop?

What is Mixed Media?

What do an old Accounting Principles book, a vintage receipt book from the 1930s, and a falling apart hymnal have in common?

They are all tools that I will use, along with some art supplies, to demonstrate how we can create beautiful art and use our artwork to tell a story. 

I will teach you basics of Mixed Media, how to use found objects to create a background that tells a story, how to paint some simple, but beautiful flowers, how to incorporate various elements into your artwork to give dimension and texture and interest.

Discover the joy and beauty of mixed media painting.

Using various techniques, you will learn how to incorporate the delicate, aged pages from vintage receipt books, hymnals, and accounting textbooks  to weave a unique story throughout your own one-of-a-kind art piece.  

We will also learn to use fibers, tiny sparkle beads, and other found objects to add depth and character to your piece. I will guide you step-by-step as you give the old books pages new life and purpose as you use them in your artwork.  

This Workshop is perfect for all skill levels. 

You will not only leave with the skills to create your own beautiful piece of art, but I believe you will also have a new outlook on old & typically discarded items and have fresh ideas bubbling forth on how you might be able to incorporate them into creative pieces to not only have beautiful art, but to also help tell a  unique story. 


I really enjoyed my experience, in fact so much that I created the project twice. I found the instructions to be easy to follow and informative, not to mention friendly. I'm always delighted to find a group who encourages each other.

Margaret B.

I have painted for years but have not done any mixed media. It was such a fun class, Pam has a wonderful way with color... that was the first thing that attracted me to the class. Also her soft voice and desire to share is contagious! I would urge anyone to sign up for her workshops... what ever they are!

Melinda D.

I really enjoyed the Mixed Media workshop with Pam. I watched all the videos before trying it on my own. Then, I re-watched them as I painted... Painting with Pam is fun. She is very encouraging. I love how she tells us not to worry about being perfect, because there is only One who is perfect - Jesus.

Cindy C.