Are you ready to decorate for Fall? (Using Something YOU Have Made Yourself!?)

Are you ready to decorate for Fall? (Using Something YOU Have Made Yourself!?)

Do you want to make beautiful art but don't know how or where to start? 

We had such an amazing response and turnout for our Virtual Lettering Workshop, that I've decided to host another one!

For a very long time I’ve felt a calling to guide women in how to use their God-given creativity in beautiful and rewarding ways! 



I’ve been painting and selling my artwork for over 24 years. I sell my original paintings and also a large variety of products we’ve made using my artwork. We have shops across the U.S. carrying products that we’ve made with my artwork... 

I’ve licensed my designs to manufacturers for Kirklands and Hobby Lobby stores. 

Throughout these 24 years, God has used my creativity as a tool to help me process the things happening in my life and also as a tool to express my faith. Did you know that HE can do the same for you!

I would love to show you some of the techniques I’ve learned along my journey. I find so much joy in exploring how to give new life and purpose to things like pages from discarded books and other bits and pieces of what might look like trash. I will share how I’ve learned to use layers and color to give life and dimension to my paintings.



I would love to introduce you to the joy of using your God-given creativity plus "found" objects to create beautiful art. Will you join me? I think you might even begin seeing the world in a brand new way!



Join me in this Fall Workshop!

I would love to invite you to join me in my studio so that I can share with you one of my very favorite creative techniques called Mixed Media. In this workshop, I will show you how we can take old objects, that some folks might have discarded at a thrift store, and give them new life and purpose. By adding some basic art supplies, combined with our own God given creativity, we will make a beautiful piece of art for your own home or to give to a friend!

I look forward to seeing you at our Mixed Media Creative Hearts Workshop! (Click the link or any pictures for more information!) We are going to have a wonderful, creative time!

Are you a Lemonade Creative Heart Member?  Check your email!  You get a complimentary pass to this Workshop.   

OH!  One more thing…

Want to create with me AND use supplies from my studio?  
*Well you can!!!  We are creating
a limited number of creative kits using supplies I have right here in my studio!   

Don’t want to have to buy a big bottle of of a medium that you might only use a little bit of??-*We took care of that in the Creative Kits we are putting together!  It’s a sampling of everything I’m demonstrating in the lessons!  You will have enough for our project and enough to continue making more mixed media pumpkins. 

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