Behind the Scenes: 5 Things I'm Grateful for This Year (+ "Semi-Retirement" News)

Behind the Scenes: 5 Things I'm Grateful for This Year (+ "Semi-Retirement" News)

Behind the Scenes

5 Things I'm Grateful for This Year (+ "Semi-Retirement" News)

5 Things I'm Grateful for This year + Semi-Retirement News | Pam Coxwell From the Heart Art

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#1 Over 2 Dozen Years in Business

I recently ran across my very first business license! It was dated 1997! That is 2 dozen years ago! And 32 years ago, while on bedrest during my pregnancy with my youngest daughter, I began painting and earning money for my creations. I am humbled that God has allowed me to use creativity to help my family, help myself, and help others!  

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5 Things I'm Grateful for This year + Semi-Retirement News | Pam Coxwell From the Heart Art

#2 Hard Times Leading Me to Seek God Like Never Before

The past two years have been the hardest I've experienced as a small business owner. This year has actually been harder than 2020.  

The daily struggle of supply issues, continual price increases from our suppliers for our blank products are coming faster than I can keep up with, and being understaffed have all really taken a toll on me. I haven't been able to adjust our pricing before there is another supplier increase. 

I've taken several mini courses this year just trying to keep up with the many changes affecting small businesses. Apple & Facebook changes have affected us in ways that I'm still trying to understand. It keeps my poor brain in a state of exhaustion. The good news is it has also forced me to seek God like never before! 

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#3 Continually Discovering My "Why" at From the Heart Art

Nancy Leigh DeMoss said, "anything that causes me to seek God is a gift." So these small business challenges have actually been a gift. They've helped me really seek the Lord on what is my "Why" and how is it shifting with these changing times.  

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#4 Semi-Retirement that Started This Fall! 

This Fall was the beginning of us transitioning into a Semi Retirement phase!  What does that mean?

The short story version is, after this Fall we will no longer be a "shopping mall." We are scaling back on our offerings. We are going back to a smaller selection of products that are easier for us to source. We will work toward building and improving our Subscription Kits. 

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#5 The Launch of Both the Lemonade Reminders Christian Subscription Subscription Box for Women & the Lemonade Creative Hearts Bible Lettering for Beginners Membership!

Adopting the Lemonade Reminders service has been a tremendous blessing! It has given my team and I so much joy creating these kits, but its also been a good business decision!  

It has allowed me to get better prices, because I'm able to buy bulk. We will be adding a few more of these options in the new year. I need to get back to painting, I also have a strong burden to do more to help women uncover their own creativity. I have a lettering membership in the learning stages right now. There is more of this to come!  

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Ultimately, I'm thankful for each new day the Lord gives me to be here. 

Thank you for so faithfully following along with me. I appreciate your love and support more than I can express. I'm so thankful God allowed our paths to cross and look forward to the good things He has planned for us in these coming days.  

With eyes on HIM.



Pam Coxwell | From the Heart Art

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