6 Creative Ways to use our Versatile Good Shepherd Sheep Reminder Tag

6 Creative Ways to use our Versatile Good Shepherd Sheep Reminder Tag

Hi Ladies! GRACE here to give some inspiration on how to use & give your Good Shepherd Sheep Reminder Tag

The theme verses for March are I Peter 1:2 "May grace and peace be yours in the fullest measure." and John 10:11 "The Good Shepherd gives His life for His sheep." We want you to REMEMBER and REMIND others that The Lord of Peace and our Good Shepherd lays down His life for us! 

This beautiful reminder tag is so versatile and here are a few ways to use it:

1) Use as a Gift Tag

Have any of y'all seen the new gift wrapping trend on social media yet?? If you haven’t it is a MUST!! This way of wrapping gifts is super easy and you only need ONE piece of tape… Yes it’s true! We have attached a link to a video on the new genius way to gift wrap! Click here to watch it!

I love this way of wrapping gifts not only because it saves tape, but also because it creates these little pockets to put reminders and gift tags in. If you look below we used our Good Shepherd Sheep reminder as a tag for any gift!
(P.S. - Your Mini Shareables will work great as a gift tag too! Check out the picture below!)


 2) Use as a Fridge Magnet

The Reminder Tag makes a great magnet, and such an easy DIY! All you need is a small magnet; you can get them almost anywhere like Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnns, etc. Amazon also sells adhesive back magnets in bulk if you are interested in stocking up for later projects. You might even have magnets laying around the house you can use too. Once you have a magnet, either glue it onto the back of the tag or if it has an adhesive back, just stick it on and you’re ready to stick it on the fridge! 

Good Shepherd Sheep Reminder Tag as Magnet

3) Use as Potted Plant Art

This idea would most likely work best with an inside plant, but growing up my mom always had artwork and decorative glass trinkets sticking out of her potted plants. I always thought it added something extra special; plants are already so beautiful, why not be reminded of the Good Shepherd who loves us when we gaze upon its beauty! Let us all be reminded of the One who created every living thing for us to enjoy. 

If you have a wooden pencil, (toothpicks or wooden skewers will work too!) grab it and you can glue or tape it onto the back of the tag. Then, just stick in any plant you've got! (This would work well with any Little or Mini Shareables too!) 

 Good Shepherd Sheep Tag DIY Plant TrinketGood Shepherd Sheep Tag as DIY Plant DecorGood Shepherd Sheep Reminder Tag as Plant Decor

4) Use as a Luggage Tag

Several years ago, we had some women tell us they used their bookmarks as luggage tags! We loved the idea so much, I had to mention it here. This is a simple DIY to do, you can attach it to your luggage with a chain or a keyring; it will work well either way. Then if you want, you can add your contact information to the back! These make great luggage tags especially because they are laminated and won’t tear up easily.


5) Use as a Bookmark for your book
or Writing Journal

Of course you can use this as a bookmark for any book you are reading! 

Pam is currently reading the book: Prayers for Today: A Yearlong Journey of Devotional Prayer - Kurt Bjorklund

Some of Pam’s other favorite devotionals/books are: 

  1. Gentle and Lowly -  Dane Ortlund You can use our affiliate link if you are interested in purchasing! Click Here to view!
  2. Every Day in His Presence - Charles F. Stanley You can use our affiliate link if you are in interested in purchasing! Click here to view! 
  3. New Morning Mercies - Paul David Tripp You can use our affiliate link if you are interested in purchasing! Click here to view!

If you are a part of the Lemonade Creative Hearts Journaling classes or if you like to write & journal on your own, then you might use this reminder tag as a bookmark to keep your place. You can also use it as a memory from the creative scripture journaling class; what a great way to look back and see what you were working on in March 2022!

Good Shepherd Sheep Reminder Tag as Bookmark

6) Use as a Reminder of our GOOD SHEPHERD
in Your Car

When I first started driving, I was given a small metal angel on a chain with the verse “The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” Psalm 121:8. I hung it from my mirror and I was always reminded that The Lord is watching over me as I am driving. He was (and still is) watching over me when I got out of my car. He saw every circumstance I faced; every scary, hard, joyful, exciting moment. He was there sharing it all with me. 

I think about the Good Shepherd watching over His sheep. How lucky I am to love and be loved by my Heavenly Father. He keeps me safe, He watches over me & you everyday, 24/7. He will never grow tired of caring for me and I think I need that reminder more than I realize.

I need that reminder not only to remember Whose I am, but also to remember that He even died on the cross for my sins. I pray that every time you get into your car and see the Good Shepherd Sheep Reminder that you also REMEMBER how much you are loved, and PRAISE Him for it. 

 Good Shepherd Sheep Reminder Tag as Car Decor




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