My Cup of Blessing - Psalm 16

My Cup of Blessing - Psalm 16

My Cup of Blessing - Psalm 16

I recently realized that I had unknowingly used parts of Psalm 16 in several different designs I had created. This realization caused me to look a little closer at the chapter to see what was it about that chapter that kept drawing me back to it.

Comfort. Reassurance. Hope. Security. Counsel.

Line by line pointed me to the reassurance that…

HE IS the safe place I long for.

HE sees me.

HE IS at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

HE IS behind me.

HE IS before me.

HE IS within me.

HE IS with me…there is NO where I can go or wander that

HE cannot reach me.

HE IS the good I seek after.

HE IS my inheritance….my Beautiful Inheritance.

HE IS the blessing my wayward heart needs.

HE IS my portion. I will never be left out or skipped over or neglected.

HE IS The counsel my wandering heart longs for.

HE IS The Instructor my fearful mind needs.

HE IS the One to make known to me the next step I need to take.

HE IS the source of JOY the broken parts of my heart longs to be with.

HE IS the source of Gladness my weary heart craves.

HE IS the Place Pleasures are forevermore kept.


Now I see why the precious words found in this chapter keep drawing me back over and over again. There’s so much comfort and peace found in their reminders, and much needed conviction too. As I am prone to seek blessings from people and places, yet HE is The Blessing, and everything else is a Bonus! Thank you Jesus for being The Blessing and for the added Bonuses along the way!


As a follower of Christ.....HE IS our Blessing and our Portion!!! Do you have a pretty cup you could set out somewhere as a sweet reminder for your heart... HE IS your Cup of Blessing. Reminding myself of this causes me to just take a deep breath and sigh....Thank You Jesus!


I hope you will join me in praying that The Holy Spirit will help each of us see powerful words in a new and more intimate way! Here are a few ideas to apply the verse to your life:

1. Offer up a prayer of thanksgiving & praise for the beautiful gift of Blessing that we have in Christ.

2. Ask for help to keep our eyes on Him.

3. Prompt us when we are shifting our focus away, as in seeking our blessings from other people, things, status, etc...

4. If you've gotten into a place of forgetting that Christ completes you, HE is your inheritance, your gift, your blessing, confess and repent… JOY & HOPE will immediately follow! P.S. I need to do this daily… sometimes a minute by minute thing. My mind and heart quickly forget!


May you be filled with the Blessings of Christ - Pam Coxwell


My Cup of Blessing- Psalm 16  is the new theme for our May Encouragement Kit. We would love to send you monthly refills of encouragement with beautiful art and Truth filled reminders of Hope…and we always include enough for you to share with the others along your path!

You can learn more about here:


I’m teaching how to create a floral alphabet using this same theme in our Lemonade Creative Hearts Group.   If you would like to learn how to use your creativity as a tool for stress relief, scripture memory and to renew your mind, we would love to have you join us!

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