Welcome to the Flower Shoppe - Behind the Designs & 3 Display Ideas

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Welcome to the Flower Shoppe

Did you know The Flower Shoppe was born at the Beach?

Do you like playing with words?  I do!   

Bicycle Born at the Beach… Beautiful Blue Bicycle Born at the Beach! I think it almost sounds like a title from a children’s book. My imagination would have fun playing with the words and building a little adventure for the Bicycle Born at the Beach! 

The beach is often the birthing place of many of my designs, especially when I need to create a big batch of artwork. The ocean has such a calming effect on my mind. It helps me tune out the everyday responsibilities of my crazy life to refocus on my calling. I’ve noticed that when my mind gets calm, my “eyesight” is crisper and my hearing is clearer. Which is basically what the verses on these designs are about!

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” James 4:8

Pam Coxwell painting Draw Near Bicycle at beachChristian art, Biblical art, inspirational art, batch of artwork


My mind and heart have a tendency to wander from my Father. It reminds me of being in kayaks on the river with my husband. Did you know it is so easy to drift in the water?  My husband is good at using calm words to guide me as we paddle. I remember a time we were paddling through a narrow overgrown area, I stayed as close as possible to his kayak. I’m terrified of snakes, so I found myself very attentive to every word of instruction given to me!  But, in the wide open areas I often looked around and realized in my confidence, I had unintentionally paddled far ahead of him or I had drifted away. The further away I drifted, the harder it was to hear his voice.

Pam & Terry at beach

So many times, my Father has used the ocean to calm my mind, to open my eyes to look around me and identify the areas in my life that my heart has drifted and guided me in drawing back in closer, to clearly hear HIS gentle voice guiding me. While it is true that the ocean is my place for recharging, I can’t go as frequently as I would like or need for refueling. I have to be intentional about finding ways to do this, even in the midst of the chaos of this life here on earth.  Surrounding myself with HIS Word helps keep me anchored.  

Storms rolling in at beach

I hope these Flower Shoppe Designs will be like a fresh breath of Spring for you AND be a constant reminder of the promises of HIS Word to you!

Click on the image below to see all the products we have available from this collection. 

Images from Flower Shoppe Collection

It’s in HIS presence that we receive a continual flow of MUCH needed reminders…
HIS love never ceases,

HIS mercies NEVER come to an end,
HIS New Mercies are delivered every morning
Don’t grow weary in doing good…
Keep planting… the Harvest is coming!


3 Ways to Display Flower Shoppe Items 

Mercies Never End Wheel Flour Sack Towel

I'll admit... I use these flour sack towels as decoration and not as a towel most of the time. But they are just too cute not to display! This one is simply laying over the bar of a basket on the counter, which has cookbooks & utensils in it. Try to think of alternate ways you can use a hand towel besides on a towel rack or the handle of your oven! Do you have any other creative ideas?

 I absolutely LOVE displaying multiple items in a decorative tray, it has been a trend for awhile now and I will most likely continue to do it even when it is not a trend anymore. In the pictures, I have two different displays created, featuring same designs on different products. Having tiles or prints on display stands gives your tray decor some height. I always add other decorative pieces like flowers, accent spheres, wooden garland beads, twine, ribbon, jars, candles, etc. And having a flour sack towel in the display gives a softer texture. 

Pic collage of displaying Flower Shoppe products


This is probably my FAVORITE display because it incorporates all three designs in different ways! I love variety! I love switching things up! Since it is a collection, I like displaying the items as a collection; that way I can see all the designs and verses come together. But of course, you don't have to do that! [ PS - the adorable little wooden stump stands that you see holding the design prints are also available to purchase! Click here! ]

The Flower Shoppe designs on display


 May Blessings of peace and grace be multiplied to you as you draw closer to His presence - Pam

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