5 Tips for Praying Psalm 139 Over Your Life

Welcome to May!

Each month here at From the Heart Art we have a monthly focus. We plan out our month around the focus. Psalm 139 is our focus for the Month of May. It's been so exciting to plan out our month and look for every opportunity possible to utilize the powerful verses from this Psalm. We have used it in our Lemonade Reminder Encouragement Kit, we will use it in our weekly focal verses sent to our newsletter subscribers and all of May’s Creative Hearts lessons are centered around the verses in Psalm 139. Even with all that, it still feels like there is so much left that we didn’t get to cover! It’s definitely a chapter to settle down in and park there for a while. Just let your heart soak in the rich words!

Here’s a little peek inside Lemonade Creative Hearts, this Welcome Video explains how we can use Psalm 139 to help get our thinking and feelings back on track with The Truth.  

In addition to having Psalm 139 as our May focus, we are also focusing on PRAYER. Each month, in Lemonade Creative Hearts, I share weekly Prayer Prompts for the specific verses we letter that week.  Since these tips are applicable even if you aren’t lettering the verses with us, I wanted to pass them along to you as well! (Although I would LOVE to have you join our Creative Hearts Group!)

Painting scripture cards

Did you know you could turn verses into prayers?

Here’s an example of when you might find these verses helpful. Personalize them to renew your mind and also pray back to the Lord. When reading the verses replace “me” or “my” with YOUR own name and read it aloud. It’s so powerful! There are many situations  you can use these verses, but here are just a few ideas:

  • If you struggle with feeling unwanted or an accident, turn verse 13 into a prayer of gratitude that HE chose to form you. You might have been unplanned by your parents BUT you were definitely a part of God’s Plan!
  • If you struggle with your body image, turn verse 14 & 15 into a prayer of acknowledging His wonderful work… He Is a skilled Creator.
  • If you struggle with fear of the future, fear of death for yourself or for your loved ones, pray Verse 16 back to the Lord. Thanking Him for His perfect timing over every aspect of your life… No one can add to or take away the number of days already ordained for you! 
  • If you struggle with feeling unnoticed, unseen, forgotten, uncared for… read all the verses in Psalm 139, personalize them with your name! HE is EVERYWHERE! There is NO where you can go that HE is not already there.
  • If you want to grow in your faith and walk with Jesus and be free of the power of sin… pray verse 23 & 24. As the Holy Spirit brings things to the surface, acknowledge them, admit them and repent…


[These Prayer Prompts are taken from our newest Lemonade Creative Hearts Course, from Week 3 (which has not come out yet!). If you want to learn more, click on the links to find out, or better yet, just join us to see!]

 Paint Pallette

As I stated earlier, I would love to have you join our Lemonade Creative Hearts Community. I am personally inviting you! Lemonade Creative Hearts is a way I can help Christian women longing to be creative, to uncover their natural creativity so they can use it as a tool for Scripture memory, prayer, worship and stress relief to experience a richer, more profound faith journey.

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