A Continuation - Story Behind April's Encouragement Kit

A Continuation - Story Behind April's Encouragement Kit
Welcome to a FRESH Supply of Encouragement. We have a New Design and Story!  

The Cross and The Empty Grave

The Inspiration for this month’s kit has, unintentionally on our part, become a continuation of last month’s Psalm 23 theme.

You see, last month, we wanted to fill the kit with comforting reminders that the Lord is our Shepherd. 

Now, this new refill is bringing fresh reassuring reminders that the story continues! Not only is He our Shepherd… HE is also our Savior! The work of the Cross is finished AND the Grave is empty! We have SO much to celebrate! What a beautiful story of grace He has written on each of our lives.

I hope you enjoy the different pieces of Cross artwork in your Kit. There is something special about this Encouragement Kit. It’s a “Continuation Kit”! Let me explain.

The Lord has been stirring in my heart the word
Continuation. Often in life we start things that don’t finish quite like we expected them to finish. Instead, they become a continuation of the next thing that the Lord is beginning. It’s often hard for my mind to grasp this and my tendency is to struggle against it. But often,  what’s happening right now in my life is actually just building a foundation for the next thing. 

I quite often have to ask myself things like… 

“Do I really believe that my Father is in control?” 

“Do I really believe that nothing can happen without His notice?”

“Do I really believe that ALL things are HIS servants and must eventually bow to HIS authority?”

“Do I really believe that HIS plan is good and perfect?”

These questions help ground me and recenter my focus on Him, which in turn helps my perspective.  

And instead of dreading a finish that didn’t go according to my plan… 

Or anticipating what else might go wrong…

I can think about CONTINUATION! It’s not the end. Watch for the Continuation.

I can instead wait with anticipation of what good things HE has ahead and rest in knowing all things can be used for good. Just as HE used a gruesome Cross to accomplish His plan. The Empty Grave was a beautiful continuation of a cruel cross! 

So with that in mind, I just wanted you to know that this month’s ENCOURAGEMENT KIT is not only a continuation of the Psalm 23 theme from last month, it is ALSO a building block for next month’s theme!  We’ve designed the contents of this month’s Kit as a “Spring Decor Starter Bundle” as a way to help you decorate with scripture-based Spring decor now, that you can CONTINUE to build on with the contents of next month’s Encouragement Kit. We designed next month’s Kit as a continuation of this month’s to make a nice tiered-tray display, a vignette in a den or living room, or even a centerpiece for your dining room table. One theme is a CONTINUATION of the other… reminders of the CONTINUATION from Shepherd to Savior to Empty Grave. So whether you use them for your own home or as gifts for others, I pray they plant beautiful seeds of Truth and Hope into your heart and all who come in contact with them!  

SO much to celebrate! 

In anticipation of the CONTINUATION of HIS good plan unfolding, Pam

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