Behind the Story of our New Words Worth Remembering Calendar

Behind the Story of our New Words Worth Remembering Calendar

Behind the Story of our new Words Worth Remembering Calendar

Before even starting the artwork for this 2023 calendar, I started asking the Lord what would HE want for us. Since He already knows what 2023 holds for us, I wanted Him to lead me to the verses that He knows we will need to be reminded of in the new year. I kept being drawn to the verses in the book of Psalm and to the time-tested old hymns! I asked the ladies on our Facebook page what did they want to see in the new calendar... I heard critters! So, guess what you will find in this 2023 calendar? Of course, some florals, but also critters with soft faces, sweet eyes and beautiful reminders from Psalms and hymns to point our attention to our Good Father. May He be glorified by the artwork I've created. And may you be encouraged by knowing Him even better in 2023. 

The Painting Begins...

Once the “Why” is established I move forward by choosing some color palettes and pulling out all the paints. It gets really messy as the painting begins!

After I’ve completed my paintings, the hard part begins in choosing which ones will stay. I always have more than I need and there are only 12 months, so some have to be put aside to use in other projects.

This little critter didn't make the cut, but one of his brothers did!


How I Select the Scripture Verses for Each Month

The verse selection requires even more prayerful pondering!

I went back through my journals and started making index cards for the verses that I noticed kept showing up in my journals. I finished with stacks of index cards of verses. 

It's always so hard to choose only 12! I do this part prayerfully. I really don’t know who will end up with these calendars, nor do I know what they will need or want to be reminded of in 2023. This part also helps me experience a richer relationship with God. 



The next step is matching the verses up to the designs.  Once that process is complete it’s much easier to finish the calendar layout by assigning each month a design. There will be many proofs and edits before we finally have it ready to send to the printing company.  

A Ready-to-Frame Art Print for Each Month

We kept the same design layout for this year’s calendar, so that at the end of each month you will have an 8x10 art print ready to frame in a standard frame! I love supporting other artists by buying their calendars and I really love the ones that have artwork that can be framed, so I wanted to be sure to do ours that way, too. 

We are still taking pre-orders for our 2023 Psalms & Hymns Words Worth Remembering Calendars! We are expecting them to arrive any day now and are so excited! Have you ordered yours yet? 

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