No Matter The Ever-Changing Circumstances of Life, I Will Not Be Shaken

No Matter The Ever-Changing Circumstances of Life, I Will Not Be Shaken

Why did you start Lemonade Reminders?

I have been blessed to share beauty with truth-filled words of encouragement through my artwork for more than twenty years. But in all honesty, this monthly Encouragement Kit — Lemonade Reminders — was born out of a stress-filled big batch of lemons! 

The Kit became the beautiful result of a big stack of misprinted calendar art pages + a LOT of prayer + a calling to encourage women with scripture reminders + an open heart to try something new!

It wasn’t until we shipped out our first batch of 2021 Words Worth Remembering calendars that we realized there was an error. It was a humbling experience, and often painful, but we worked through it and made it right. 

Through prayer and the wisdom of God, I overcame a hard situation, gained the opportunity to re-evaluate some ways of doing things, and came up with the idea for Lemonade Reminders. It is a monthly reminder for me, that God truly DOES use ALL things for our good and His glory!


What is the purpose of Lemonade Reminders?

Like most people, I encounter continuous obstacles and challenges. Many of them don’t have an instant resolution or relief, and some days it feels like the struggle will never end. This monthly kit is meant to bring a fresh refill of hope and encouragement to women like me and you. Beautiful artwork with reminders of Scripture Truth to surround ourselves with;  wearable and shareable Reminders.  

Friend, we cannot pour from an empty cup! We are each surrounded by people who need encouragement. We must BE encouraged in order to SHARE encouragement. We always include enough for you to surround yourself with and then have some to share with the people along your path. Equipping you to plant Seeds of Encouragement everywhere you go! And that’s why we keep making these Kits!


What is the idea or meaning behind the February Shirt? Why do you think it is important that we remember to “Not be Shaken” and also why we should remind others to do the same based on the Verse, Psalm 16: 8? 

“Not Shaken” just might be my favorite theme to date! We always use our yearly Words Worth Remembering calendar as the theme for each month’s design and verse. The day that I had set aside to work on the artwork for the February shirt, I “just happened” to read a daily devotional that just “happened” to include the verse Isaiah 54:10 which speaks of this very theme! My heart did a few jumping jacks in praise to the Lord. He truly does care about all the little details! 

Both of these verses reminded me of a statement someone from Victorious Christian Living made to me. It was a long time ago, but it greatly impacted my perspective on my life circumstances that it has stuck with me. 

It is very simple:   
Circumstantially: My circumstances are ever-changing with the ebb and flow of life 
Positionally: My position IN Christ is NEVER changing, no matter the ever-changing circumstances of life.

This statement gave me the visual of a river stream with a large rock firmly in its center. Sometimes the water is rushing violently, and at other times it is peaceful and calm, but the rock always remains in the same position. 

Personally, life circumstances around me are almost always shaking violently. However, absolutely NOTHING can SHAKE me loose from my POSITION, which is firmly in HIS grip or from my Identity, who I am IN Him. I am HIS redeemed daughter, safe and secure, saved by grace.  

And as stated in Isaiah 54:10, “MY covenant of peace WILL NOT be shaken, says your compassionate Lord”. Because HE and HIS promises are UNshakable, as a follower of Christ, I am safe and secure and UNshakable. In scripture, the right hand speaks of: Power, Safety, Honor, Pleasure, Favor, Support.

Psalm 16:8 says, “with HIM at my right hand, I will not be shaken”.

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