Why Scripture Journaling Is Important To Me

Why Scripture Journaling Is Important To Me

Hi sweet friends! I wanted to talk to you about Scripture Journaling!

Personally, there have been so many times that I have found myself out of sorts emotionally and mentally, only to realize it linked back to my spiritual condition. Irritability, discouragement, hopelessness, negative thoughts, a bad attitude, worry, anxiety, are often red flags for me that I am spiritually dehydrated. That I’ve allowed myself to get out of my soul care routine long enough that my soul is missing the refreshment and refueling that comes from spending time in God’s Word, in prayer and worship, to the point it affects my mental and emotional well being as well. 

As women it is very easy to put everyone’s needs above our own, with every intention of getting around to caring for our own needs later, only for it to get pushed further and further back. Our spirit, soul and body are intertwined and what happens to one, affects the other two.

The scripture lettering that I do in my journals helps me ZERO in on the verse, helping me write it on my heart. But many times it doesn’t end with the finished lettering, it goes a step further and becomes a prayer.  

Our Lemonade Reminders Encouragement Kit for the month of July actually includes a journal in it. (And a cute engraved pen to go with it!) If you are interested in learning more about our monthly subscription boxes of encouragement, and to purchase this months kit with the journal & pen (and other goodies!), please click here or on the picture below! 

As I’m working on the verse my eyes are quite often opened to a need, whether it is in my own life, the life of a family member or friend, my country, or the world. 
Throughout the 20 years I’ve been doing shows, I've heard the stories of countless women. I’ve always felt such a strong connection to them even though I do not know all of their names. 

Many of these women would look at my work as they were admiring it and say,

“I wish I was creative. I don’t have a creative bone in my body” or

“I can’t even draw a straight line” or

“I didn’t know that verse was in the Bible” or

“I wish I knew my Bible better...”  


So, I would like to tell you that I am teaching women how they really do have creativity inside of them... planted by the Creator Himself! By teaching you how to work with your own handwriting with very simple steps to enhance it... Teaching you that the discipline of practice applied to lettering and journaling Bible Verses can actually help you memorize the verses. 

I’m always looking forward to showing you how to use color and different styles of lettering to break down Bible Verses in order to understand them and remember them better. I’m always excited to teach you how to turn your lettered verses into prayers for a prayer journal and how to decorate the lettering to frame for home decor & to give as gifts, too!

Every month I put together a multi-lesson course/workshop with videos and traceables that help ladies learn these new skills to apply to Scripture Journaling called Lemonade Creative Hearts. So if this sounds like something that would interest you, I would love to have you join our Creative Hearts Community

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